Benchmark Survey: Great Training + Onboarding = Reduced Turnover

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Grace Hill clients are passionate about improving the performance of their property management teams. Each year, we survey this dynamic group and report the key trends and preoccupations in property management training through our Benchmark Survey. In 2016 we asked 210 of our clients to help us map the biggest needs and overarching concerns in our industry, and we wanted to start sharing them with you.

When it comes to the training needs of their employees, admins reported three top needs:

  • Fast, easy, effective on-boarding training
  • Content specifically tailored to employees’ needs
  • Engaging, compelling and relevant content

In an industry with turnover rates are as high as 19% (for Leasing Professionals), and most trainers believe a good training program can improve turnover, and a good onboarding process is the best place to begin.


  • Today, the turnover rate of maintenance technicians and leasing professionals is greater than 20%
  • Most (80%) training professionals believe training can impact turnover of employees and create and maintain a stable and high-performing workforce
  • 72% believe a good onboarding experience is the biggest opportunity to improve turnover


  • Only 53% of training programs have visibility into turnover today
  • Besides onboarding, the other top way to address turnover is employee recognition programs (75%), but only 31% of trainers have ownership over this


  • Fast, easy, effective onboarding training for leasing professionals, property managers and maintenance technicians
  •  Recognition and rewards around training tied into your LMS and your training program so you can directly use it to influence behavior

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