Latest Issue of Vantage Pro: Know Your Exposure

Did you know that since 2010, HUD has obtained more than $8 million in compensation for victims of maternity leave discrimination?

This month’s Vantage Pro helps you avoid costly charges of discrimination or sexual harassment by becoming aware of all the ways you might be liable — there are more ways than you think!

Inside this issue:

  • FHA violations involving religious discrimination
  • FHA violations involving sexual harassment
  • FHA violations involving maternity discrimination
  • Important information about obtaining disability verification
  • Current legislation affecting the property management industry


Each month, Platinum-level Vision clients are informed about the latest cases and legislation affecting the property management industry. They learn what impact those actions are likely to have on the industry and what steps they should take to avoid violations.

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Did you miss the Vision webinar?

Did you miss the webinar today where we introduced to Vision’s new courseware and surveys? Our Director of Product Training Tami Criswell described Vision’s new functionality and how every aspect of the update was designed to inspire learners and increase training effectiveness. View the webinar by clicking on the screen below.

With the launch of Vision, Grace Hill has modernized the most extensive training catalog built exclusively for property management companies. We are excited for you to use it and learn from it!

Survey Finds Custom Training Content a Top Need for Property Management Companies

A recent survey conducted by Grace Hill found that one of the top needs for property management companies is custom training content. Survey participants ranked “content specifically tailored to employees’ needs” their second highest training need, second only to “fast, easy, effective on-boarding training.” The survey findings show companies are increasingly looking for more tailored and relevant training content that matches the specific needs?of their diverse employee groups.

In addition, 39% of Training Administrators surveyed reported “developing content/curriculum that meets the needs of the company” the contribution they are most proud of. However, 58% do not currently upload content into their learning management system (LMS), despite content development being a top area of pride. Clearly, using custom content in their LMS is a major opportunity for property management companies.

Even on-boarding training (the top need cited by survey participants) can benefit from customization. While fast initation into such essential subjects as safety and compliance is critical to effective on-boarding, so is an introduction to specific company policies and procedures. On-boarding is the best time to familiarize employees with property-specific information and practices. And in an industry with turnover rates as high as 19% (for leasing professionals) a good onboarding process is essential.

Stay tuned for more insights into the practices, challenges, and opportunities of the property management industry when we release the full 2017 Multifamily Benchmark Report later this week.

Important Information About Changes to the Customer Service Series that Impact Learners

We’ve been providing regular updates since the beginning of June on the next generation of courseware that Grace Hill is launching. This next-generation content features a complete update to our courses, to bring you a simplified, engaging experience, narration, live video, interactive practice scenarios and an improved quiz feature.

We’re rolling out new courses each week, with most updated courses simply replacing those that learners were assigned but have not yet begun. For our top 20 most-used courses, however, we are requiring learners who are still in progress on a course to start the new course from the beginning upon launch. A full list of these top courses with cutover dates is included at the bottom of this post.

In preparation for the updates, you can learn more about the next generation of content by watching this video:

You can also watch a recording of a recent update webinar featuring detailed information on the schedule of changes and how they will impact Admins and learners.

We’ll continue to keep you updated as the cutover dates get closer. We are looking forward to providing you with the most engaging and up-to-date content possible.


Weekly Schedule of Upcoming Course Changes:

Week of July 24

Dealing With Difficult People

Dealing With Difficult People – Spanish

Business Ethics

Maintenance For Office Staff


Week of July 31

Drug-Free Workplace

Drug-Free Workplace – Spanish

Drug-Free Workplace (Supervisor Version)

Curb Appeal

Defeating the Mold Monster

Defeating the Mold Monster – Spanish

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment – Spanish

Sexual Harassment for Supervisors

Fair Housing II


Week of August 7

Fair Housing II – Spanish

Workplace Diversity

Workplace Diversity – Spanish

Workplace Diversity (Supervisor Version)

Workplace Diversity (Supervisor Version) – Spanish

Fair Housing

Fair Housing – Spanish

Fair Housing for Maintenance

Fair Housing for Maintenance – Spanish