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Previous Editions
  • The Vantage Volume 1, Issue 3

    What Happens When a Fair Housing Discrimination Complaint Is Filed Against You?

    In 2016, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) received 8,385 fair housing discrimination complaints against property owners/managers. HUD investigates the majority of those complaints and will sanction entities and individuals not in compliance with the FHA. This issue of The Vantage walks you through the HUD enforcement process step by step, including important deadlines and potential penalties.

  • The Vantage Volume 1, Issue 1

    The New HUD Criminal Background Check Guidance

    Even background checks that don’t consider race or ethnicity could be found discriminatory under the FHA, according to guidance issued by HUD. Find out where we go from here.'

  • The Vantage Volume 1, Issue 4

    Protecting Your Organization From Sexual Harassment

    Did you know that a property owner or manager may be held liable if any of his or her employees, agents or contractors sexually harass an applicant, tenant or resident? Organizations themselves are often found culpable for sexual harassment in both the court of public opinion and in the civil legal context. Settlement payouts, public embarrassment and loss of potential business are all reasons to proactively address sexual harassment in housing immediately. The latest issue of The Vantage provides important legal information on sexual harassment and tips for addressing it before it becomes too late.

  • The Vantage Volume 1, Issue 2

    Complying with Local Nuisance Ordinances Without Violating the FHA

    The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) warns that selective enforcement of local nuisance ordinances regarding domestic violence could put property management companies in violation of the Fair Housing Act (FHA). Learn how to stay in compliance with the FHA.

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