2018 Benchmark Training Report

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Executive Summary


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The results of this year’s Benchmark Training Survey reflect a fast-paced industry under pressure to accomplish more in less time: the number one challenge facing training administrators is lack of time, and quick and easy training implementation is the number one goal.


Several trends uncovered in the survey explain why quick training implementation, particularly when it comes to onboarding, is such a high priority. Turnover has increased for most property roles, and fast onboarding is critical for retaining employees. Compliance risk is also up and is equally impacted by any delays in onboarding.


The other reason that ease and speed of implementation is in such demand is actually a positive trend: improvements in technology and increasing technology use are leading to higher expectations. Today’s best eLearning expedites onboarding by providing bite-sized modules that can fit into tighter time frames vs. traditional multi-day, in-person classroom onboarding. People expect faster training now because they can.


The good news is, by and large, administrators are meeting the increased demands — monthly training hours for leasing professionals are up, from 7 hours at last report to 11 hours, and 63% of training administrators report being able to improve the training experience of personnel. These results show an impressive capacity among trainers to perform well within tight constraints. They also indicate the future success that is likely as property companies begin to overcome some of the training challenges the industry currently faces.

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