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5 Top Trends in Fair Housing for 2022: Is COVID Now Considered a Disability?

April 12, 2022

Are you equipped to comply with the new Fair Housing landscape? Join Grace Hill’s Jessica Fern-Kirkland, Senior Director of Multifamily Product, and our panel of experts to cover top trending headlines like COVID-related disabilities, sexual harassment, and more — featuring Fair Housing attorney Brian Adkins, Senior Counsel at Buchalter; Susan Weston, Speaker and NAAEI Senior Faculty; and service team trainer Mark Cukro, President, Plus One Consulting. Nothing is off-limits in this conversation to promote better compliance!

  • Learn how sexual harassment fits into Fair Housing by learning how to identify and address it and understanding our duty to provide harassment-free environments.
  • Understand how COVID-related long-term illness is viewed through the lens of Fair Housing and the implications of how it may become elevated and recognized as a disability.
  • Get updated on trending topics in Fair Housing such as assistance animals, maintenance’s impact on habitability claims, ADA “drive-by” claims on websites, and more.

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