Brad Becker

“Working to empower the people who make the places where we live and work, feel safer, more secure and to open up more rewarding opportunities.”

Brad joined Grace Hill in April 2020 serving as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer. He brings over 25 years of experience as a tech executive, futurist, designer, storyteller and songwriter. Brad founded startup Sentient Play in 2015, where he serves as CEO exploring the future of storytelling and play through emerging tech. Prior, he was the Chief Design Officer of IBM Watson, and can be partially blamed for bringing streaming video to the web with his work at Adobe and Microsoft.  

Brad began his career as a software engineer in 1992, where he led a team responsible for designing products used in over 1000 hospitals across the US. In 2002, Brad worked as Senior Product Designer for Flash, introducing streaming video to the web. He then went on to work for Microsoft as Director of Product Management in 2005, launching a line of products for professional designers globally as well as the video player tech powering Netflix. In 2011, Brad worked as Chief Experience Officer at startup buuteeq, which was later sold to Priceline.

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