An Interview with Kendall Pretzer

Kendall talks about joining Grace Hill and the company’s new team-based accounts model

Grace Hill and Entrata Partnership Simplifies Our Mutual Customers’ User Experience

Grace Hill and Entrata are integrating their platforms to create a more pleasing user experience for our mutual customers.

Weekly Training Tip:
Hoarding and Fair Housing

People who suffer from hoarding are protected under fair housing law and are entitled to reasonable accommodations.

The Latest LIHTC Expertise from Elizabeth Moreland

Grace Hill introduces a new series of short courses (20 minutes or less) that help learners understand every step of the LIHTC process.

Weekly Training Tip:
Sexual Harassment in Housing

All harassment is illegal, but sexual harassment warrants special consideration.

Weekly Training Tip:
Creating a Civil and Respectful Workplace

You can help foster a culture of civility and respect in your workplace.

New Tax Credit Essentials Series
Coming Soon

Grace Hill partners with Elizabeth Moreland to bring you the latest in tax credit training!

Weekly Training Tip:
Overcoming Unconscious Bias

Helpful tips to employ purposeful strategies to over come unconscious biases.

New Safety Series Built for Property Management

A new multifamily-specific safety series package of courses is available in February!

Announcing New Bulk Assignment in Vision

Make location, position or group assignments for multiple course titles and multiple learners all at the same time!

Virtual Classroom