Weekly Training Tip:
Use Your Social Media Power Wisely

All of your questions regarding social media in the workplace are finally answered.

Weekly Training Tip:
Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications – What’s the Difference?

A reminder of how important it is to handle reasonable accommodation and modification requests properly.

New Grace Hill Mini-Course: Assistance Animals in Multifamily Housing

Our latest mini-course helps employees navigate the sensitive area of assistance animal accommodation requests.

Introducing Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom makes it easy to schedule, host, record, edit and track all of your webinars.

Weekly Training Tip:
Stick to the Facts

Documentation is extremely important when dealing with accusations of discrimination.

Training Tip of the Week:
Protecting People from Sexual Harassment

Protect your applicants, residents and employees from sexual harassment.

Weekly Training Tip:
Implementing Smoke-Free Policies

Guidance on implementing smoke-free policies on your properties

Training Tip of the Week:
Social Media Risks

How using social media can leave you vulnerable to discrimination claims

Weekly Training Tip:
Assistance Animal Verifications

How to handle suspicious documentation or ask for more information.

April is Fair Housing Month & the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act

These are 10 of the most common mistakes made in violation of fair housing laws.

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