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November Vantage Pro: Spotting Discrimination in Disguise

The latest issue of Vantage Pro helps you identify and avoid less familiar forms of discrimination.

Case Study: eLearning Training Solution vs. Third-Party In-Person Instructor

As part of a recent case study, we compared the costs of eLearning to third-party in-person instruction.

Training Tip of the Week:
Transfer Lessons to Your Job

The ability of an employee to successfully apply what was learned in training to his or her job is called transfer.

New Case Study: Cost Savings of an eLearning Training Program

How much would a multifamily property management company save by implementing an eLearning training program?

The Power of Video Mystery Shopping

Video mystery shopping eliminates questions about how a shop occurred and provides additional information.

Training Tip of the Week:
Gather Learner Feedback

Gather learner feedback to understand if they find training to be valuable and benefitted from it.

What is the best certification for a property manager?

If you are a multifamily property manager with a year or more of experience, the Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) certification is ideal for you.

2018 Training Benchmark Survey

Be a part of the survey that helps create a vivid picture of the current needs, trends and underlying dynamics of the property management industry.

Training Tip of the Week: Creating Effective Learning Assessments

How to develop effective learning assessments for your compliance training program

5 Must-Have Features for a Mystery Shop Program

To get the most out of the mystery shop experience, make sure you choose a program that offers all the transparency and customization features available now.

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