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Ten Adult Learning Principles Grace Hill Courseware Applies

It’s more important than ever that the online training property management professionals use is specially designed for the way adults learn best.

Survey Finds Custom Training Content a Top Need for Property Management Companies

A recent survey conducted by Grace Hill found that one of the top needs for property management companies is custom training content.

Recent Discrimination Rulings That Could Put You at Risk of FHA violations

Here are two recent rulings about discrimination under the FHA with big implications for property managers.

Social Media for Property Management: Getting Started

If you’ve been reluctant to fully embrace social media as a marketing strategy for your property, you’re not alone.

Trump Administration Argues for Authority to Set Lower Overtime Threshold

The Trump Administration recently asked a federal appeals court to rule it could use salary levels to set a lower threshold.

Vantage Pro Issue 1: The Latest FHA Violations

Did you know the current civil penalty amount for a first-time FHA violation can be as high as $19,787?

Latest Issue of The Vantage: Navigating the Minefield of Local Nuisance Ordinances and the FHA

Did you know applying local nuisance ordinances to victims of domestic violence could put you in violation of the FHA?

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