Weekly Training Tip: Fair Housing and Limited English Proficiency

It is estimated that over 25 million people in the United States have limited English proficiency or LEP.

Retaliation in the Workplace

Grace Hill’s latest mini-course helps multifamily companies prevent and respond to retaliation in the workplace.

Reporting Enhancements

Our new reporting enhancements in Vision give you greater access to the information you need to optimize your training.

Weekly Training Tip: Source of Income Discrimination

Though not prohibited under federal fair housing law, "source of income" discrimination is prohibited by some state, city, and county laws.

Announcing New Enhanced Reporting in Vision

New reporting features in Vision give users more power and flexibility for measuring and communicating the impact of training.

2018 Grace Hill Power Users

At this year’s Vision Conference, we honored the 2018 Grace Hill Power Users for their remarkable achievements.

Weekly Training Tip:
Is that you, Boss? Don’t Fall for Scams

You may have read about, or been the victim of, an email scam that’s getting attention lately.

Weekly Training Tip:
What Do Your Employees Know About Retaliation?

More EEOC complaints mean employees & supervisors need to be aware retaliation is illegal.

Five Strategies for More Engaging Webinars

Learn tips and techniques for achieving higher participation, energy and information retention during webinars.

Is it time to refresh your training program?

The most successful training programs are those able to adapt to changing needs and circumstances.

Virtual Classroom