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Paul Bergeron

Grace Hill Partners With NAA to Celebrate Apartment Careers Week

Grace Hill is excited to participate in the much-anticipated RPM Careers Week created by the National Apartment Association beginning July 18. Never has there been a time when honoring and celebrating residential property management professionals was so important. While the apartment industry is thriving, firing on all cylinders, and rental demand is through the roof,… Read More »

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Risks of Over-Training: How to Establish a Healthy Learning Culture

Employees Thrive With Thoughtful, Strategic Training Schedules Well-balanced training keeps apartment employees sharp and ready to advance their careers. Successful apartment operators find that managing employee training can be as important as managing their assets. Over-training employees is ruining company culture and driving up turnover and recruiting costs. Fortunately, we can combat overtraining by acknowledging… Read More »

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3 Key Areas of Focus for Successful Reopen-Office Policies

As mask mandates and other restrictions are lifted across the U.S. and beyond, policy makers continue to acknowledge falling COVID-19-related cases and hospitalization rates. Therefore, return-to-office workplace policies are also being revisited, revised and introduced to employees. Never has this been more vital, as more employees today prefer – and are even demanding – work-from-home… Read More »

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3 Key Strategies to Ensure Effective Policies

Just because many commercial real estate companies are challenged to navigate these unstable times brought on by the pandemic, it doesn’t mean re-setting your company policies also has to be unsettling. These policies matter at a time when the challenging job market has companies needing to hold on tight to their employees, and CRE owners… Read More »

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Staying Compliant With Fair Housing in an Ever-Changing Environment: What Apartment Operators Need To Know in 2022

Apartment companies’ attention to fair housing training needs to occur during more than just April. And while April is Fair Housing Month, this training is crucial year-round to ensure that both new and experienced workers at every level and department are not liabilities. Fair housing issues require updated policies and procedures every year. It is… Read More »

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Stay Interviews Can Help Companies Raise Employee Attitudes and Retention Rates

Casual, regular one-on-one meetings help managers and employees develop healthy working relationships. HR departments find that “stay interviews” – those conducted with current employees to gauge the gratification they see in their positions – can be the perfect antidote to exit interviews. Given the surge in job-hopping and this highly competitive job market environment, companies… Read More »

The OSHA Vaccine Mandate: What Employers Need to Know

Update: On Thursday, January 13, the United States Supreme Court invalidated the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS). The ETS was initially scheduled to take effect in December 2021 and had been on hold while under judicial review.   The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has… Read More »

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