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2018 Grace Hill Power Users

Posted on November 19, 2018

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2018 Grace Hill Power Users

The Super Heroes of Training Administration

From over 4,000 training administrators currently working in Grace Hill’s Vision learning management system, we identified 12 whose results and expertise are so impressive, they can only be described as superhuman. At this year’s Vision Conference, we honored the 2018 Grace Hill Power Users, representing over 600,000 multifamily units, for their remarkable achievements. In only nine months (January – September), these training administrators overcame the challenges of limited time and learner fatigue to accomplish extraordinary feats:


  • power users 510,789 User Logins
  • 410,517 Course Completions
  • 11,642 Library Completions
  • 89% Average Learner Score
  • 7,025 New Employees Onboarded
  • 98.55% Overall Compliance
  • 13,453 Awards Granted
  • 31,445 Instructor-led Sessions Hosted
  • 369,854 Training Hours Delivered 


In addition to outstanding overall performance, each 2018 Grace Hill Power User has a unique superpower – one area of training administration in which he or she particularly excels. At Vision Conference, Power Users were presented with super hero capes displaying their super power and distinguished by glittery lanyards so other attendees could benefit from their expertise.

Congratulations to our 2018 Grace Hill Power Users:


power users Crystal McMannes, Grand Atlas Property Management

Super Power: Homework Assignments


Nicole Moss, Lincoln Properties

Super Power: Reporting


Charee Colledge, Apartment Management Consultants

Super Power: Usage/Logins

Kevin Springer, Drucker and Falk

Super Power: Custom Content

Connie Raney, McCormack Baron Management Services

power users Super Power: Custom Role


Jessica Dodge, Harbor Group

Super Power: Awards

Christine Havala, Concord Management

Super Power: ILT

Tiffany De Alva, Wasatch

Super Power: Plug & Play

Keith Gibson, Mid-America Apartment Communities

Super Power: Course Templates

power users Victoria Parr, WinnResidential Military Housing Services

Super Power: Compliance

Casie Tronzo, Kettler Management

Super Power: Virtual Classroom


Kimberly Wickes, TGM Communities

Super Power: Compliance

Power Users


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