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Grace Hill Account Manager Spotlight:
Dawn Ramey

Posted on January 5, 2018

Account Manager Dawn Ramey

Grace Hill Account Manager Spotlight

Meet Dawn Ramey, Grace Hill Account Manager


Account Manager Dawn Ramey
Account Manager Dawn Ramey helps clients use Vision to achieve their training goals

Helping Clients Achieve Success

Dawn has been in the property management industry for nearly 10 years. As Account Manager for Grace Hill, she currently helps clients use Vision to maximize their training programs and achieve their training goals. “Grace Hill is truly a company passionate about training and making sure their clients have every tool possible to succeed in their training programs.”


A Surprise Passion

Dawn has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and began her career as a paralegal. But after working as a weekend apartment leasing consultant in Richmond, VA, she became fascinated by property management. She decided to earn her NALP designation through NAA and progressed through all the levels of on-site apartment management, eventually becoming property manager.



Account Manager Dawn Ramey and family
Dawn with her husband, Jason, and children, Leah and Brandon

“I find it rewarding when a solution works and makes things easier for the client.”


Expert at Navigating New Technology

In 2014 Dawn joined Grace Hill as an Implementation Support Specialist helping to onboard new clients onto the Vision 2 system. During the transition to the current Vision platform, she trained new and existing clients on the new functionality and expanded capabilities. “I love new technology and enjoy helping folks navigate, utilize and apply it to their day-to-day processes and programs to help them reach their specific training goals.”


A Problem-Solver at Heart

Grace Hill Account Managers
Dawn with Grace Hill Senior Strategic Account Manager, Valerie Bailey. The two met when they were in college, and they began their property management careers together.

Dawn loves a good mystery and solving puzzles. She puts this passion to work for her clients by coming up with good solutions for client problems. “I find it rewarding when a solution works and makes things easier for the client.”


Building Bridges

Dawn is known for being able to turn around the toughest situations with kindness and patience. “When I was in leasing, I once had a prospective resident who was super difficult. He was throwing all kinds of mean stuff my way and finding everything wrong. One thing he said to me was ‘I get paid to be mean to people.’ I came back with ‘I get paid to be nice!’  He ended up leasing an apartment with us, and he was actually a really nice guy in the end. I really enjoyed having him as a resident!”



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