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Admin Support Spotlight: J’Quan Dillard

Posted on January 16, 2018


Admin Support Spotlight

Meet J’Quan Dillard, Grace Hill Admin Support Agent

Picture of Grace Hill Admin Support Agent J'Quan Dillard
J’Quan quickly and effectively handles special troubleshooting cases for client training admins.

Grace Hill has expanded our in-house Support Team to include an elite team of reps that are dedicated to Admin-Level requests. J’Quan Dillard is one of three techs who were handpicked to staff the new Admin Support Channel based on their exceptional customer service and Vision expertise.


Rapid Growth at Grace Hill

J’Quan has a degree in Information Technology/Network Security and a Certification in SQL Programming. He has been in the Customer Support field for six years. At Grace Hill, he began as Tier 1 Support and quickly advanced to Tier 2, where he became responsible for more in-depth support cases. As Admin Support Agent, J’Quan quickly and effectively handles special troubleshooting cases for admins.


J'Quan with his 8-month-old daughter
J’Quan with his 8-month-old daughter




Superior Customer Service Skills

J’Quan takes pride in the customer service skills he has developed over time and the impact those skills have on customers. Clients often express appreciation for the great service he provides, noting that he takes the time to make sure they understand how to get the best out of what Grace Hill has to offer.


“I enjoy being able to interact and connect with people on different levels.”


J'Quan with his family
J’Quan with his family

Outside of the Office

In his free time, J’Quan is a multi-talented musician. He plays all brass and percussion instruments. He is also a proud husband, and father to an 8-month-old baby girl.


To reach our Admin Support Team, Admins can call (844) 204-9600 or submit a request via the form in Vision. The Admin Support Team is available Monday through Friday from 9 AM – 8 PM EST, providing coast-to-coast availability during normal 9AM-5PM business hours. 


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