Doug Pike

Multifamily Moneyball: Little Things Add Up for Operators

Technology played a big role in multifamily’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is the operators who paid attention to the little things that positioned themselves for continued success.  In the 2021 NMHC OPTECH session “Multifamily Moneyball: A Home Run for Talent Management and Customer Experience,” panelists reviewed the subtle strategies and simple tech… Read More »

Hiring and Retention: The New Battleground for Multifamily

It’s being called the “Great Resignation.” Many members of the U.S. workforce who left their posts for various reasons during the pandemic have yet to resume employment, and employers are clinging tenuously to their current staff.  While multifamily has weathered COVID-19 admirably, it hasn’t been immune to the recent talent shortages. The 2021 Apartment Visionaries… Read More »

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