Julie Gardner, Author at Grace Hill

Julie Gardner

Misstep #4: Failing to Fully Utilize Results

If you’ve been faithfully following our series about missteps in multifamily mystery shopping (and if you haven’t, here’s Misstep #1, Misstep #2, and Misstep #3), you should be feeling pretty confident that you’ve got this mystery shopping thing figured out. Not so fast. There’s another misstep we see a lot that negatively impacts your mystery… Read More »

Misstep #3: Ignoring ROI Optimization

Pause for just a minute. Think about everything you’ve poured your valuable time and budget into: targeted marketing programs; detailed onboarding and mentoring; and developing policies, procedures, and training to better enable your teams and create more loyal customers. Spending more on a mystery shopping program to assess, test, and improve standards is a good… Read More »

Misstep #2: Overlooking Company Culture

If your company is like so many others, you’ve invested countless hours, dollars, and brain cells building a vibrant corporate culture. That’s because you know a winning corporate culture is inextricably tied to more revenue, higher profits, and 5-star customer satisfaction.  So why would you risk all that with a mystery shopping program that makes… Read More »

Validate Mystery Shopping

Is Multifamily Mystery Shopping Misunderstood?

Multifamily mystery shopping needs a makeover — stat. We at Grace Hill found out first-hand. After more than 20 years of collaborating with multifamily leaders, we’ve discovered that a lot of property management organizations have a skewed perception of mystery shopping. Many are less than satisfied with the results—not to mention the fact that the… Read More »

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