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Benchmark Survey Results (part 2) – A Great LMS Fast Tracks Administration

Posted on March 27, 2017

Following up on our previous post highlighting key learnings from our annual industry Benchmark survey here’s a few more key points that drives the Grace Hill vision, features, and course offering.


A Learning Management Systems (LMSs) that Fast-Tracks Administration


Facts: 34% of Training Professionals state the main goal of their training program is to have an easy, streamlined and quickly implemented program. 



1) Multifamily Housing companies have limited time/resources to manage their training programs, and it’s only going to get harder as companies are growing

  • 44% of Training Admins report they have a “small team to manage a big training program”
  • 25% of Training Admins report training is just one hat they wear and they don’t have enough bandwidth, while 17% report “Not enough hours in the day to do what I need to do”
  • Budgets are expected to increase based on increasing # of units/expansion of property – this means more employees, more compliance needs, more content needs

2) Training Admins and Company Leaders need the right information, data, visibility to effectively manage their training programs and provide their executive leadership the most useful information in a timely manner

  • Data feeds and standardized reporting are some of your key areas of frustrations (~15% would not recommend their LMS’s current data/reporting features)


  • Learning Management System providers need to facilitate improved reporting, including gathering, visualizing and distributing the right information in a quick, easy fashion
  • Improved dashboards for Training Administrators, and other stakeholders to measure success and identify risks
  • Ability to easily customize the LMS out of the box features and automate as much or as little of the Training program as needed

Vision X is continuously updated to incorporate all the needs listed above. Administration is made easy, choose the appropriate tier that grants access to our course library, tools and customization options best for your property management needs.


Use the Demo link above to chat with us, here at Grace Hill, to discuss your LMS needs.

Cory Perry
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