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Grace Hill Client Connection

Get the most out of your training program

One of the benefits of being a Grace Hill client is our bi-monthly newsletter: Grace Hill Client Connection. Twice a month Vision admins receive valuable information and resources to help them get the most out of their training programs.

Grace Hill Client Connection Newsletter Offers:


Technical and product updates

Be the first to know about Grace Hill product developments, short-cuts, and train-the-trainer opportunities.


User support information

Learn how to use Vision’s technical features to get better training results.


Industry news

Keep up with the latest in multifamily news, including important compliance and marketing information.


Multifamily training tips

Get secrets from training veterans on how to manage your biggest training challenges.


And you get all of this great information in one place!


Contact us to receive a free issue – please be sure to add a note that you’d like to receive a free copy of the newsletter.

The Grace Hill Blog

December 19 2019

Assistance Animals: Keeping Your Policies on a Leash

Handling assistance animal requests can be complicated, but clarity is vital. Let us help you with this potentially hairy issue!

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