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Coming July 31:
Compliance Refreshers from Grace Hill

Posted on July 19, 2018

Coming July 31: Compliance Refreshers

It’s never been easier to keep current on constantly changing laws and regulations


Grace Hill is making it easier than ever for learners to fulfill annual training requirements and refresh their compliance knowledge. We will soon offer short booster versions of key compliance courses that learners can take to update their knowledge of the full course. The first in the series is the Fair Housing Refresher, available in learner libraries on July 31! It’s available for admins to preview now in GHU.


Reduce Compliance Risk


Refresher courses make it easy for learners who have already completed the full Essentials courses once to keep their knowledge current. In just 30 – 45 minutes, they’ll meet annual training requirements and be informed of any changes in the law. The Fair Housing Refresher course can be completed in just 40 minutes. In states with annual hourly requirements, Refresher training can be combined with other Grace Hill Fair Housing courses to fulfill the requirement. It’s no longer necessary for anyone to repeat the three-hour Fair Housing series every year!


Brand New Content Every Year


Refresher courses will be updated annually to reflect the latest legal developments. They’ll also be completely refreshed with new content, graphics, and activities to keep learners engaged.


Refresher Courses Coming Soon:
• Fair Housing – coming July 31!
Drug-Free Workplace
• Drug-Free Workplace Supervisor
• Sexual Harassment
• Sexual Harassment Supervisor
• Workplace Diversity
• Workplace Diversity Supervisor
• Workplace Harassment
• Workplace Harassment Supervisor


Compliance Refreshers will be available to all Grace Hill clients, regardless of tier level. To find out how you can partner with Grace Hill to offer Compliance Refreshers to your learners, contact your sales representative or contact us.

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