First Grace Hill Mini Course: Nuisance Ordinances & the FHA

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First Grace Hill Mini Course: Nuisance Ordinances & the FHA


As part of our new Compliance Plus program, Grace Hill is releasing quarterly mini courses, special training modules built around emerging compliance issues. Our first mini course covers local nuisance ordinances and how they apply to the Fair Housing Act.


Many local nuisance ordinances require or encourage landlords to evict tenants for exceeding a specified number of emergency assistance calls. These ordinances may lead to discrimination against survivors of domestic violence and violation of the FHA. This mini course trains property management employees how to avoid such discrimination.


In 20 minutes or less, employees will learn:

• The definition of local nuisance ordinances.
• How domestic violence can be impacted by nuisance ordinances.
• HUD guidelines created to protect people from discrimination resulting from local nuisance ordinances.
• How the new HUD guidelines impact the multifamily housing industry.


All of our mini courses include:

• Voice narration and live video
• An accompanying downloadable workbook
• A Knowledge Challenge Quiz, which must be passed to complete the course
• Responsive comprehension questions throughout the training
• Real-life examples
• Behavioral questions based on potential scenarios


Mini courses are available to our Gold and Platinum level Vision clients as one of the features of Compliance Plus. However, we’re extending this first course to all Vision clients. You can request a demo of the course or learn more about Compliance Plus, here.

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