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Gold > Silver. Better Administrative Control, Course Monitoring, and Legal Compliance

Posted on April 5, 2017

Lately we’ve been working with a number of our Vision Silver level users and the feedback makes it quite clear that the time savings and efficiency when upgrading to Vision X Gold makes simple sense for Property Admins. It increases their administrative control and mitigates risk by closely monitoring who, on your teams, has completed required and essential training courses.

The increased investment is usually about a few cents per unit and for any multifamily firm with more than a couple property managers, maintenance techs, and leasing agents it’s just a no brainer to assign courses, keep on top of compliance needs, and monitor results from right within Vision X.


Like Vision X Silver users, Gold level subscribers get anytime access to our Essentials Catalog of property management courses. But, Gold level users also gain these key features that make their lives easier:

  • Student Assignments – Assignments will automatically appear for employees based on their positions, making it clear from their first day of hire exactly what courses they should take and when.  
  • Enhanced Reporting – Quickly identify who is past due on their courseware, and presenting a liability for your company.
  • Annual Assignments (A Fair Housing Must!) – Assignments can be scheduled to automatically recur annually, making it effortless to ensure employees are taking courses like Fair Housing and Sexual Harassment every single year.
  • Email Alerts & Report Distribution – Proactive email reminders can be distributed to your employees and managers with updates on assignments and current reports
  • Build Your Own Content – Assign company documents, online videos, in-person training and other training resources to your employees and track completions on their transcript? Vision X Gold allows for company-wide training to be managed from one spot!

For more info, take a look at this product sheet that details the benefits and advantages of each of our Vision X tiers. If you’re interested in learning more about your training, LMS and educational needs please use the “Demo” link above or contact your Account Manager to set up some time to chat. 

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