Grace Hill Account Manager Spotlight

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Grace Hill Account Manager Spotlight


Meet Christi Dobbins, Grace Hill Director of Account Management

Productive Relationships

Christi has been part of the Grace Hill Account team for six years. She currently oversees the management of positive, productive relationships with Grace Hill clients, ultimately providing them with the products and services needed to support a successful training program for their organization.


Multifamily History
A graduate of the Kelley School of Business Honors Program at Indiana University, Christi has been in the multifamily housing industry for 16 years, 15 of those years in training. “I first took Fair Housing as a Grace Hill user in January 2001.” Her focus began with marketing and operations and expanded to many other topics, including time management and return-on-investment.


Passion for Client Engagement
Christi enjoys collaborating with clients to find creative ways to enhance their training programs. She takes pride in leading her team of 10 passionate Account Managers to engage clients in new opportunities provided in Vision.


Balanced Approach
Christi approaches both her personal and professional life with an analytical and creative balance. “I’m an excel nerd and a graphic designer—I love it all!” Her most important role, and the one she takes the most pride in, is that of mother.

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