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Grace Hill Announces a Strategic Partnership with INCENTCO

Posted on July 31, 2018


Grace Hill and INCENTCO announced a strategic marketing partnership today that offers an all-encompassing approach to learning and engagement for property management companies in the multifamily industry. The move provides a new, comprehensive way for INCENTCO and Grace Hill’s clients to connect positive employee engagement, training outcomes and behaviors to incentives and behavioral rewards.


Grace Hill is the leading provider of online training courseware, administration and mystery shopping for the multifamily property management industry. INCENTCO is the premier provider of engagement and incentive technology.


“Grace Hill looks for best-in-class partners to provide elevated and unique benefits for our customers. Partnering with INCENTCO to make employee incentives available for our customers was an easy choice due to the depth of INCENTCO’s experience in this space and the high level of satisfaction their customers have with their platform,” explained Robert Gettys, Grace Hill VP of Business Development in charge of strategic partnerships for Grace Hill. “The partnership allows Grace Hill’s clients to combine their company’s core incentive program with their skills and compliance training to improve employee performance and increase engagement.”


“This is a home run for the multi-family industry and we are both thrilled and honored to be partnering with an industry icon such as Grace Hill,” says Gerry Wiatrowski, Co-Founder of INCENTCO. “This partnership offers unprecedented opportunities for our clients to access a comprehensive, state-of-the-art platform that connects the dots of e-learning, employee engagement, and behavioral rewards.” In addition to using the rewards platform for e-learning, INCENTCO technology can also be leveraged for a variety of resident incentive programs as well.


“Grace Hill is always working to facilitate and enhance integrated experiences wherever they can provide value to our clients and the multifamily industry,” said Dru Armstrong, Grace Hill’s Chief Executive Officer. “Partnering with INCENTCO provides a comprehensive link for our clients between training outcomes, employee performance, and rewards. By working with other high-performance multifamily service providers like INCENTCO, Grace Hill continues to lead in our space. We firmly believe that an open ecosystem better serves both our clients and the industry.”


Grace Hill’s training suite is available immediately online, allowing property managers to train employees quickly to ensure compliance with extensive rules and regulations on topics such as Fair Housing, OSHA, sexual harassment and more.


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