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Introducing Virtual Classroom

Posted on May 8, 2018


Introducing Virtual Classroom

Integrated web conferencing inside or out of Vision


Starting June 1st, Platinum Vision clients will have an integrated tool for managing online instructor-led training and other webinars. Virtual Classroom powered by Zoom makes it easy to schedule, host, record, edit and track all of your webinars.

  • Real-time learning – Lead engaging online training sessions with your employees in real time. Two-camera functionality allows you to show the instructor and a live screen simultaneously.
  • Custom integration – Record your own custom courses or embed custom video training sessions into Vision courseware.
  • Live collaboration – Use collaborative features like learner polls, document and desktop-sharing and live chat to enrich your training.
  • Substantial cost savings – Virtual Classroom can be used in or out of Vision, so you can give up expensive web conferencing providers like GoToMeeting and get more integration features.
  • Easy use – An intuitive interface makes Virtual Classroom simpler than other web
    conferencing platforms, including fewer steps and no training required.
  • High quality – Virtual Classroom offers the highest quality HD video and audio available.
  • Reliability – Virtual Classroom means video conferencing you can count on, no matter
    where you are or when you’re using it.


Virtual Classroom makes Platinum even more cost-effective

With Platinum Vision, you get more customization and learner engagement capability and maximum compliance support. And now our new Virtual Classroom feature makes Platinum the cost-effective choice. You can get rid of expensive web conferencing providers like GoToMeeting and get all the added functionality Platinum provides.


Cost savings

With a Platinum Vision account, you get one Virtual Classroom for up to 200 attendees for free. GoToMeeting for the same number of attendees would cost $199/month if you chose the annual billing option ($249/month if you are billed monthly). And that price is per organizer!


More integration

Virtual Classroom allows you to integrate all your webinar features with your training. This means that with no additional effort, you can invite learners and track their participation; use recorded webinars as custom Vision courses, and add recorded segments to customize existing Vision courses.


Better quality and reliability
Virtual Classroom is powered by Zoom, one of the most trusted web conferencing providers on the market. Zoom has higher video and audio quality than other web conferencing providers like GoToMeeting. It’s also easier to use and more reliable.


Custom training made easy

Faster and easier custom training
Custom training can offer improved competitiveness, onboarding, and compliance. In fact, a recent LEK study projected custom training will be one of the main competitive differences among property management company training programs in the future. Virtual Classroom makes it faster and easier to incorporate custom training content. You can easily turn your instructor-led training sessions into Vision courses that you can then assign and track. Plus, the Platinum feature Plug & Play allows you to integrate your recorded Virtual Classroom sessions into existing Vision courses to create your own customized version. Other Platinum-exclusive tools like Content Templates and Scenario Builder make creating engaging custom courses nearly as simple as using pre-existing ones.



Custom risk training
These days property management companies face significant compliance risk. Fair Housing lawsuits are on the rise, and settlements in the hundreds of thousands are not uncommon. Last year the DOJ recovered over $1 million for housing victims of sexual harassment alone. A Platinum account gives you maximum compliance support. In addition to our extensive compliance catalog and quarterly mini-courses and newsletter, Platinum clients receive monthly reports on the latest legal developments and enforcement actions and in-depth webinars with a Fair Housing attorney interpreting current regulations. Plus, Platinum features like Virtual Classroom make it easy to incorporate custom training that addresses the risks specific to your area and company.


Improved learner engagement
Learner engagement is critical for ensuring employees comprehend and retain what they learn. When employees don’t actually learn from your training, compliance risk goes up and customer satisfaction goes down. Platinum Vision offers a host of tools to spark learner engagement. Virtual Classroom allows you to enrich your training with collaborative features like learner polls, document and desktop-sharing and live chat. And Scenario Builder lets you build illustrated stories and branching scenarios to get employees thinking about how they would behave in different situations. This kind of learning involves employees and helps them retain much more than rote memorization.


Faster onboarding
Studies have shown that fast onboarding is critical to retaining employees. Additionally, your primary exposure for compliance costs, which can be extremely high, is untrained employees. Your training program needs to help you get employees trained on compliance topics as early as possible. The main opportunity companies have for getting employees onboarded earlier and more thoroughly is custom training content. Custom training allows you to design onboarding that familiarizes employees with your company’s specific priorities and risks without the need for individual instructor-led onboarding. Platinum Vision makes custom onboarding fast and easy. The Virtual Classroom tool lets you record and edit custom onboarding that you can assign and track. And with Plug & Play you can incorporate custom onboarding segments into existing Vision courses that address more general topics you want all employees to learn immediately, like compliance basics.


Take control of your training

Time savings 
Most property management companies struggle with limited time and personnel. The technological features available with Platinum Vision cut down on the time and manpower that administration and customization require. Platinum Vision makes it faster and easier to take control of your own training.

  • Virtual Classroom lets you produce, edit and track custom training in fewer steps.
  • Content Templates and Plug & Play eliminate the need to start from scratch when creating custom courses.
  • With Custom Role admins can distribute authority for certain administrative tasks to other managers, saving them time.
  • Learning Object Repository (LOR) keeps all learning materials in a centralized location that all employees can access. No more distributing numerous documents to numerous employees.


More functionality for less money
Platinum Vision clients get one Virtual Classroom for up to 200 attendees free. Additional classrooms are only $35 per month. Talk to your Sales Representative or Account Manager for special pricing available for more than 10 classrooms.

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