January Vantage Pro: Disability & Reasonable Accommodation

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January Vantage Pro: Disability & Reasonable Accommodation

The latest issue of Vantage Pro helps you handle requests for reasonable accommodations without violating the law.


Reasonable Accommodation
The financial impact of disability discrimination can be substantial. Make sure your company policies are FHA-compliant.

When it comes to renting to residents with a disability, there are many pitfalls for potential discrimination. This issue of Vantage Pro helps you avoid the pitfalls and stay compliant.


Do you have the right to ask any questions you want to verify a disability?


When a resident requests accommodations for a disability, you will likely want to ask verification questions, particularly if the disability is not obvious. Learn what limitations HUD imposes on verifying disability.


If you think a request for accommodation is unreasonable, are you required to fulfill it?


Requests for accommodation must be “reasonable,” but how do you know if a request is unreasonable? Find out what you should keep in mind before making a decision about the reasonability of an accommodation.


Can a no-pet policy be a form of disability discrimination?


You’re allowed to prohibit pets at your property, right? Get tips on how to avoid discrimination when it comes to your pet policy.



  • Recent cases of disability and racial discrimination, including financial impact
  • A lawsuit challenging a ban on renting to tenants with a criminal background

Each month, Platinum-level Vision clients are informed about the latest cases and legislation affecting the property management industry. They learn what impact those actions are likely to have on the industry and what steps they should take to avoid violations.


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