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Announcing Custom Role from Grace Hill

Custom Role
Leverage other leaders in your organization by giving them controlled administrative features that are accessible right from their Learning Center.

Wish you could give supervisors more training power? Now you can with the new Custom Role feature available to Platinum customers.

Have you ever found yourself thinking:

  • I don’t have time to create an individual assignment every time a regional or manager emails me!
  • I would like it if they could do one-off assignments themselves; however, I don’t want them changing required assignments that my training team has put in.
  • I would like to upgrade to a system with assignments; but I’m a one-person training team, and I don’t have time to manage the assignments.
  • It would be nice if managers could manage their team’s own training schedule.
  • Unfortunately, training isn’t a high priority for my managers and regionals, so I have trouble getting responses to the emails the training team sends out.


Here’s how Custom Role can help:

  • Admins can expand their reach and give supervisors more training power with controlled administrative access right in their Learning Center.
  • Increase adoption by allowing leaders to create a training plan specifically for their team.
  • Any user with the custom role can manage which ILT sessions their employees HAVE to attend from their My Employees tab.
  • Any user with the custom role can create on-the-fly assignments for their employees to encourage growth or immediately remediate undesired behavior.


To get Custom Role for your organization, contact your account representative, or contact us.


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