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New Fair Housing Courses Now Available in Vision LMS

Posted on April 28, 2021

New Fair Housing Courses Now Available in Vision LMS

At the beginning of Fair Housing Month, we gave a sneak peek into four new Fair Housing courses that are set to replace Fair Housing II, along with the all-new Fair Housing Boosters that were released at the start of April.

We are excited to announce that these new 30-minute courses are now available in our Vision learning management system!

Grace Hill’s Fair Housing program is built to ensure that learners gain a solid foundation on Fair Housing law, have opportunities to continue learning over time, are able to revisit and reinforce through practice, and have targeted training available when they struggle with a skill on the job.

New Fair Housing Courses

These new courses, which expand on topics that frequently cause confusion and are top areas of Fair Housing claims to HUD, are a logical next step for learners who have taken one of Grace Hill’s foundational Fair Housing courses. They offer a better overall learning experience and allow learners to get focused practice opportunities on specific areas of Fair Housing law in order to extend their foundational expertise.

Here are the four new titles:

  • Fair Housing and Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications
  • Fair Housing and Disparate Impact
  • Fair Housing and Communicating with People Who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
  • Fair Housing and Terms, Conditions, and Privileges

We strongly encourage administrators to incorporate these new titles into their team’s learning plans in place of Fair Housing II. Admins will be better enabled to manage their company’s risk by assigning specific topics when they are needed the most.

Fair Housing II Remains Active

While these replacement courses have been introduced, Fair Housing II remains a current, updated course that will stay active in Vision until further notice. 

Customers that have affordable properties in the state of Texas likely will be most interested in why we’re keeping the course active for now.

Here are Texas-specific points to consider: 

  • Fair Housing II is approved by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) and brings Grace Hill’s total number of approved training hours to 6 hours (1 hour more than the required 5 hours for Fair Housing certification)
  • The new titles replacing Fair Housing II have been submitted to TDHCA for approval but have not yet been approved
  • As soon as TDHCA approves the new titles, we will send an email communication to current customers announcing the retirement date for Fair Housing II, along with next steps and timelines for managing this update

If you are a current Vision customer and have questions about the new courses or the retirement of Fair Housing II, please reach out to your Account Manager.

If you are not a current Vision customer and would like to learn more about Grace Hill’s learning management system, please visit our website to schedule a demo.

Closing Out Fair Housing Month

We are proud to offer training on the most relevant topics impacting the multifamily industry today, and we hope the new information and resources introduced during this month will help keep this important topic top-of-mind all year long! 

We appreciate the opportunity to help you close the Talent Performance LoopTM

Happy Fair Housing Month!

Bre Kerrigan
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