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New Platinum Features Offer More Customization and Learner Engagement Capability

Posted on September 5, 2017


New Platinum Features Offer More Customization and Learner Engagement Capability


Platinum level Vision status gives you access to the most advanced custom content creation tools, social tools, and compliance information. Now Platinum users will soon have even more customization and learner engagement capability with the new features we’re adding:


Survey Reports

Survey Reports allow you to collect feedback from your learners about Vision courses they’ve completed. It’s an easy way to measure the performance of your training.


Plug & Play

With Plug & Play, you can copy content from a Grace Hill course, a custom course, or any active instructor-led training into another course. Insert modules from Grace Hill courseware into your own custom courses.


Scenario Builder

Spark learner engagement through illustrated stories and scenarios. Scenario Builder allows you to create your own branching scenarios within Vision.


Learning Object Repository (LOR)

The Learning Object Repository (LOR) is an online library for storing, managing, and sharing all your learning resources (learning objects). Create and share course content across multiple courses.


Homework Assignments

This feature gives trainers another channel for learner engagement. Request and track homework submissions from learners as part of course completion.


Content Templates

Content templates are prebuilt course shells designed to look like Grace Hill content, with pointers on how to fill in the copy to make great courses.


With our enhanced Platinum capability, it’s never been easier to customize your Vision courseware and engage your learners. And we have even more great features on the way!

Amy McClellan
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