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New Property Management Safety Series

Posted on January 23, 2019

Overview of the Multifamily Focused Safety Series


Grace Hill is excited to announce that a new safety series elective package is available now. The new short courses are built for the property management industry. We worked with our partner Alliant Insurance to identify areas of risk for multifamily and expanded the series to cover new topics.


The new courses:

  • Are short (each one is 20 minutes or less!)
  • Are recommended for maintenance staff, though many courses apply to all team members
  • Are offered in English and Spanish
  • Have an engaging comic book style with interactivity and practice scenarios
  • Teach the essentials for on-site property management personnel and scenarios they will face on the job.
  • Help build a work culture where the safety of all employees and residents is a top priority


New multifamily-specific courses are noted in the chart below. These courses replace current courses in the series that cover similar topics but are not specific to the property management industry. Ask your account manager for additional information about the courses.


Release Schedule for New Safety Series Courses

Release Date New Course Title Corresponding Old Course
Available Now Safety Series: Electrical Safety Preventing and Addressing Electrical Violations
Recognizing Electrical Hazards
Using Electrical Safety Programs
Electrical Standards
Available 2/4/2019 Safety Series: Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Series: Bloodborne Pathogens
Safety Series: Beat Heat Stress Safety Series: Heat Stress
Safety Series: Proper Lifting and Moving Safety Series: Preventing Back Injury
Safety Series: Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls Safety Series: Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls
Safety Series: Combat Cold Stress BRAND NEW
Available 2/25/2019 Safety Series: Fire Prevention Safety Series: Fire Prevention and Safety
Safety Series: Tool Safety Safety Series: Hand and Power Tool Safety
Safety Series: Hazard Communication Safety Series: Hazard Communication
Safety Series: Lock-Out Tag-Out Safety Series: Lockout Tagout
Safety Series: Required OSHA Recordkeeping – OSHA 300 Safety Series: OSHA 300 – OSHA Recordkeeping Requirements
Safety Series: Workplace Illness Prevention Safety Series: Pandemic Influenza
Available 5/6/2019 Safety Series: Manage Maintenance Safety
Safety Series: Safety and You – Supervisors 
Safety Series: Respiratory Protection Safety Series: PPE08 Respiratory Protection
Safety Series: Personal Protective Equipment BRAND NEW Safety Series: PPE00 Personal and Protective Equipment Overview

Safety Series: PPE01 Introduction

Safety Series: PPE02 Head Protection

Safety Series: PPE03 Eye and Face Protection

Safety Series: PPE04 Hand and Arm Protection

Safety Series: PPE05 Body Protection

Safety Series: PPE06 Foot Protection

Safety Series: PPE07 Hearing Conservation

Safety Series: PPE09 Electrical Protective Devices

Safety Series: PPE10 Levels of Protection and Protective Gear 

Safety Series: Practice Maintenance Safety BRAND NEW Safety Series: Safety Orientation

Safety Series: Human Element 


If you’re a current Grace Hill customer, please contact your account manager about the new Safety Series. If you’re not yet a Grace Hill customer, please call 866.472.2344 or fill out the demo request form.

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