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November Vantage Pro: Spotting Discrimination in Disguise

Posted on November 6, 2017


November Vantage Pro: Spotting Discrimination in Disguise

The latest issue of Vantage Pro helps you identify and avoid less familiar forms of discrimination.


You may be prepared for the familiar forms discrimination can take — like refusing to rent to someone based on sex, race, or religion. But discrimination has a way of sneaking into your operations in disguise, making it harder to spot and prevent.


Discrimination in advertising

Advertising is the perfect way to attract your target market, right? But what if your target market excludes certain individuals – like members of a different religion or families with children? Find out how to avoid advertising language that violates the FHA.

Attempts to dissuade someone from renting

You know it’s illegal to prevent applicants from renting from you because of their race, sex, religion, age or family status, but what about simply advising them against renting from you? Figure out where to draw the line between professional advice and discrimination.


Sexual harassment

The Department of Justice recently announced a new initiative to crack down on sexual harassment, which is a form of sex discrimination. Learn more about the initiative and what a strong anti-harassment policy should include to help prevent costly claims.


Each month, Platinum-level Vision clients are informed about the latest cases and legislation affecting the property management industry. They learn what impact those actions are likely to have on the industry and what steps they should take to avoid violations.


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