Encounter an issue with your Courses?

Select the Issue: My past courses from Vision are not showing up in “My Achievements”. My course progress has disappeared / I was kicked out of my course. I thought I completed a course, but it is not showing as completed? Why is the course I completed showing up again in my Assignment list? Related… Read More »

How should a learner contact Grace Hill?

  How do I contact Grace Hill? You may contact us by: Phone: (866) 472-2344, Mon-Fri 8:00 am-7:00 pm EST Click Here to Submit a Support Ticket   Back to top  

Questions about your Transcript?

Select the Issue: How do I access my transcript? How do I print my transcript or individual course completion?  How do I email my transcript or individual course completion?  Related Questions.     How do I access my transcript?  In the Learning Center, on the left navbar, click Performance. Click Achievements. The ‘Achievements’ page displays.… Read More »

General Questions

Select the Issue: How do I use the Facebook widget from my learning center? How do I view announcements? How do I dismiss announcements? How do I use My Resources? How to use or print the event calendar How to clear my cache, cookies and/or browser history? Related Questions.   How do I use the… Read More »

Questions about your course?

Select the Issue: I would like to add a course to my account. My course has a workbook. Where can I find it? How do I change the language in my course? How do I retake a course after failing/ poor performance? How do I retake a course? Related Questions. How do I enroll in an… Read More »

Getting Started

Original question: Getting Started Revision: See below…   Select the Issue: What browser should I use? What software do I need?  How do I create an account on my organization’s Vision site? Any firewall or proxy server information I should know? How do I ensure I receive Grace Hill emails? Related Questions. What browser should I… Read More »

Trouble logging in?

Select the Issue: Forgot your username/password? The password you entered was incorrect. The username you entered cannot be identified. I don’t know my VisionX URL Related Questions. The email address entered cannot be found Multiple users were found with the email address you entered. Seeing a ‘Not authorized’ screen while navigating VisionX / Sharing a… Read More »

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