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The Latest LIHTC Expertise from Elizabeth Moreland

Posted on February 13, 2019

Industry expert Elizabeth Moreland brings her LIHTC expertise to Grace Hill’s new Tax Credit Essentials elective series

If you manage a property with Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) units, you know there are a lot of complex rules and documentation required to qualify for and maintain the credit. That’s why Grace Hill partnered with affordable housing expert Elizabeth Moreland to develop the clearest and most current guidance on LIHTC available.

Elizabeth Moreland is Grace Hill’s special guest for the February Monthly Update Webinar on February 20 at 3 pm EST.


Affordable Housing Expertise

As the President of Elizabeth Moreland Consulting, Inc. and the Housing Credit Training Center, Elizabeth has spent years handling every aspect of affordable housing, including teaching thousands of industry professionals from across the country how to successfully navigate all manner of related topics. She knows what information about LIHTC is most critical for learners to understand and has proven experience delivering that knowledge.


Science-based Learning Techniques

Grace Hill has combined Elizabeth’s expertise with research-based learning principles to create a fresh and engaging new series of short courses (20 minutes or less) that help learners understand every step of the LIHTC process. From eligibility and verification to recertification, our new Tax Credit Essentials series uses real-world scenarios and practice opportunities to help learners grasp the complicated world of LIHTC, including:

  • Instruction on real-life, need-to-know information to help team members responsible for compliance avoid common mistakes.
  • Clear and easy to understand content that is written in everyday language, so learners can easily grasp complicated concepts.
  • Course summary sheets that serve as job aids after training.
  • The opportunity to view complicated forms up close in order to better understand the content.


Quick Assignment for Multiple Learners

Grace Hill’s new Bulk Assignment tool means switching assignments over to the new Tax Credit Essentials courses is quick and easy! In less than ten minutes, you can have learners on their way to mastering LIHTC and maximizing your organization’s compliance. Access the Client Resource Center in Vision for instructions, or contact your Account Manager.


Growing Content

This is just the start—advanced courses will be added to the Tax Credit Essentials catalog this year (and beyond). Staying in compliance doesn’t happen by standing still. Your employees are the first line of defense, and Grace Hill is committed to expanding our catalog to keep learners up to date and growing in their knowledge.

Amy McClellan
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