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Top Tips from Our Regional Vision Conferences

Posted on October 11, 2017

Vision Conference

Top Tips from Our Regional Vision Conferences

Top trainers in the property management industry learned new techniques for training and motivation.

At our recent regional Vision conferences, some of the best trainers in the industry came together for learning, collaboration and strategy building. Everyone shared their tips and best practices for effective training and motivation. Here are some of the top ideas that came out of the conferences:


Successful Onboarding

  • Train new employees for three full days before requiring them to begin working.
  • Create a 30-day new hire checklist.
  • Have every new hire shop your competitors, including Maintenance hires.
  • Incorporate incentives for completing onboarding training.
  • Designate a “floating mentor” who handles the onboarding and mentoring at all locations.


Trainers shared their secrets for what works at their companies.

Employee Incentives That Work

  • Yammer or Facebook recognition
  • Opportunity to leave work early
  • Conference incentives like room upgrades or recognition at the event
  • Discounts on rent or electricity
  • Lunch with the owner

Ideas for Showing Appreciation to Your Maintenance Team

  • Have the regional maintenance supervisors host a conference just for the maintenance team (or supervisors) with sessions tailored to them and prizes, such as a rolling tool bag.
  • Make the maintenance team feel more involved by including them in team meetings and incentive programs.
  • Pay attention to and show interest in the maintenance projects your team is working on.
  • Give the maintenance team a day for off-site learning.
  • Offer company stocks or shares at employment anniversaries.
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