Uplevel Your Leasing With Sales Performance and Coaching Series
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Uplevel Your Leasing With the New Sales Performance Improvement and Coaching Series

Posted on July 12, 2021

Are you ready to take your leasing to the next level? Grace Hill is proud to partner with D2 Demand Solutions to bring you a new elective course series that will help you do just that! 

The Sales Performance Improvement and Coaching series guides leasing professionals through an intuitive and authentic sales pipeline model made up of four segments: discovery, inquiry, advocacy, and implementation.

The team at D2 Demand built this training from data-driven research and anthropological observations of potential renters. The model puts the prospective resident at the center of everything, moving away from the “always be closing” mentality to one that focuses on “always be helping.”  

Sales Performance Improvement and Coaching Series

This series gives you the opportunity to access D2 Demand training from within Grace Hill’s Vision learning management system. It supplies your leasing team members with training options beyond what is included in the Vision Essentials Package. 

The series includes five online short courses with coaching activities and a capstone coaching activity in which leasing professionals apply their learning.  

The 6 titles include: 
  • Sales Performance Improvement and Coaching 1: Introduction
  • Sales Performance Improvement and Coaching 2: Discovery
  • Sales Performance Improvement and Coaching 3: Inquiry
  • Sales Performance Improvement and Coaching 4: Advocacy
  • Sales Performance Improvement and Coaching 5: Implementation
  • Sales Performance Improvement and Coaching 6: Capstone Mystery Tour

We hope this new series helps you and your team maximize leasing performance. If you are currently a Vision subscriber and are interested in learning more, please reach out to your Account Manager; they will help you preview the new course series and offer pricing for adding the series to your Vision subscription.

If you are not currently a Vision subscriber, you can chat with the bot on this page to schedule a demo or visit our webpage to learn more. 

Join Our Upcoming Webinar: 7 Insights Guaranteed to Improve Your Leasing Team’s Performance

Don’t miss the opportunity to tune into our live webinar on July 15 at 1 p.m. ET. 

Grace Hill’s Senior Director of Content Strategy, Stephanie Anderson, will be speaking with D2 Demand Solutions Inc.’s President Donald Davidoff and Principal Joanne Chapman-Rep to dive deeply into this topic.

Among other things, you’ll learn:
  • Why most sales managers hire for the wrong characteristics and what qualities to look for instead.
  • The three things every rental housing prospect cares about.
  • How to better align with a prospect’s buying journey.
  • The single biggest mistake all leasing associates make and how to avoid it.
  • The key to effective follow-up.

As always, we appreciate the opportunity to help you close the Talent Performance LoopTM.

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