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Vantage Pro Issue 1: The Latest FHA Violations

Posted on July 17, 2017

Amy McClellan
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Vantage Pro Issue 1: The Latest FHA Violations


Did you know the current civil penalty amount for a first-time FHA violation can be as high as $19,787? And that doesn’t include attorney’s fees or damages. With a previous violation, that number jumps to $49,467!


Our monthly compliance report, Vantage Pro, is a powerful tool for avoiding steep penalties and court costs. As part of Compliance Plus, each month platinum-level Vision clients are informed about the latest cases and legislation affecting the property management industry.


This month’s issue of Vantage Pro explores recent FHA violations committed by property managers based on gender identity, sexual orientation, assistance animals, and family status (children). Any action taken by a property manager, including denying housing, charging fees, or even instituting behavioral restrictions has the potential to become an FHA violation if handled in a discriminatory fashion. In the current cases, we discuss the missteps the property managers took, the response by the courts, and what actions you can take to avoid the same outcome.


Also in this issue:

Proposed 2018 discretionary budget

Smoke-free rule updates

Current legislation affecting the property management industry



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