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Why Earn a Property Management Credential?

Posted on March 5, 2018

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Why should you earn your credential?


Multifamily property companies consider professional credentials “very important.” Earning your credential can give you an edge when it comes to hiring, promotion and earning potential.

Multifamily property management companies are placing more importance on employee credentials than ever. In a recent L.E.K.survey, 86% of property management execs rated employee credentials “very important.” As an employee, what can a credential do for you?


Build a foundation

Earning your credential is a great way to learn the ins and outs of your role, from policies and procedures to performance strategies and troubleshooting. The learning process involved gives you a more in-depth understanding of what’s required to succeed in your role.


Become more desirable to employers

Earning your credential differentiates you from others in your field. It demonstrates excellence and a strong commitment to multifamily property management as a career. In our recent Multifamily Training Benchmark Survey, 54% of property management companies said they prioritize credentialed applicants when it comes to hiring.


Advance your career

A multifamily property credential indicates strong skills and dedication to the industry, which gives you an edge when it comes to promotion and earning potential. 67% of respondents to our survey said they recognize credentials in some way, whether through hiring, promotions or raises.


A property credential demonstrates excellence and a commitment to making your career in the multifamily industry.

Get the best out of your employees

If you’re a manager, your success depends on the success of the personnel you manage. Earning a management credential can give you the skills to help your employees thrive. You’ll learn employee recruitment, evaluation and motivation strategies, just to name a few.


Here are some role-specific benefits of credentials:


  • Suppliers pursue credentialing to enable new client acquisition. For them, the CAS credential could mean the ability to charge a premium.
  • Corporate credential-seekers look to enhance their career trajectory / secure promotion with credentials like CAM.
  • Maintenance employees look to credentials to validate competence and enhance reputation and employability with a CAMT credential.
  • Other onsite leasing staff, including office and administrative support, as well as other sales-related occupations, use credentials like NALP to break into property management roles and build relationships with other industry participants.
  • Property managers pursue credentials like CAM to secure new positions or responsibilities, and typically are better compensated once credentialed.


Regardless of your role, a credential improves your opportunities and gives you valuable insights and real-world skills you can use on the job. And right now, you can earn your credential at a discount. Receive 20% off any Visto purchase by using the code “newyearnewyou” at checkout.


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