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Preparing For Your Adventure At Camp Grace Hill

At this point, your travel should be booked and you’ll be heading to see us soon in sunny San Diego. In the meantime, check out some of the awards you can earn now that will help you complete your journey and win fantastic prizes at Camp.


Awards and How to Earn Them:

award icon Award Name How to Earn It (Complete any of these items)
Grace Hill Gang
  • Connect with or accept your Account Manager’s invite on LinkedIn
  • Attend an IBMC or FBR with your AM
  • Follow Grace Hill on Facebook AND LinkedIn
Vision Visionary
  • Check your compliance level
  • Implement a learner engagement tactic
  • Create your own custom Award (Platinum only)
  • Create your own custom course
Workshop Winners
  • Attend/have attended a Grace Hill workshop
Perennial Partner
  • Renew your agreement by May 31, 2018
  • Switch from monthly to annual agreement
Grace Hill Vision Admin
  • Employed with company at least one day
Admin All Star
  • Completed five courses from My Library since January 1
Officially Vision Oriented
  • Successfully completed Vision Orientation/Feature courses
Custom Course Crackerjack
  • Successfully completed each course within the Custom Course Creation Series in GHU
Benchmark Brilliant
  • Successfully completed/attended all of the 2018 Benchmark series
 Totally Tech-y
  • Successfully completed both Tech Trends courses
Top Trainer
  • Successfully completed the following Train the Trainer courses: Make Time for Training, Measuring the Effectiveness of your Training Program, and Learner Engagement and Motivation

Make it fun! Good luck with your adventure, and we can’t wait to see you at Apartmentalize in June. Be sure to stop by the Camp Grace Hill booth for s’mores and champagne.

March 28 2018

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