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Grace Hill’s elective series of courseware is a great way to brush up on a specific subject or strengthen a certain skill. They can also help you to onboard employees faster. Each series may be purchased individually for your team’s use.

Basic Maintenance Series

Provides important instruction in maintenance fundamentals like plumbing, electrical and HVAC with three 2-hour courses authored by an industry leader in maintenance education. This series offers robust training resources for members of the maintenance team and enables them to excel in their jobs, leading to higher job satisfaction and a better resident experience.

Leadership Development Series

These 10 courses are perfect for enhancing your managers’ and directors’ leadership skills, and for preparing those pursuing a manager role. Topics include generational differences, office politics, emotional intelligence, and other leadership skills. Improves management performance and reduces turnover.

Risk Management Series

These eight courses are critical to addressing Risk Management and Crisis Management topics that can be a major liability for the organization, including OSHA Compliance, risk assessment, emergency management, and much more. This series addresses gaps in liability training and helps establish and enforce risk and compliance protocols. Many insurance companies offer discounts to companies providing this training to their teams.

Safety Series

Our most popular series is now the only safety courseware tailored to the property management industry! Redesigned with an engaging comic book style, these English and Spanish short courses include comprehensive training on safety topics like Protective Gear, Electrical Hazards, Slips and Falls, Back Injury, Heat Protection and much more! The safety series is ideal for building a work culture where the safety of all employees and residents is a top priority.

Cybersecurity Series

Due to the amount of personal information property management companies are required to collect, this series is a must. Our seven-course series has courses for employees and supervisors. Our courses are designed specifically for multifamily and topics include preventing cyber attacks, avoiding malware, strong password generation, protecting data devices and documents, and implementing a strong cybersecurity strategy. Each course is only 20 minutes.

Workplace Violence Series

Understanding how to prevent and respond to workplace violence is crucial to the safety of staff and residents. These 20-30 minute courses are recommended for all staff, including corporate personnel, management, leasing, and maintenance. Topics include types of workplace violence and how to recognize warning signs, actions to take to prevent or minimize violence and how to protect yourself, and how to respond in the event of an active shooter and how to manage the consequences of an incident.


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