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Cyber attacks are on the rise and many companies are unknowingly at risk. Property management companies are particularly vulnerable, due to the amount of personal information collected and the number of third-party vendors used. A data breach can severely damage the reputation of your business and result in costly lawsuits.

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center,
data breaches this year are up 29%
over this time last year.

Grace Hill’s new elective series on cybersecurity gives you the tools needed to reduce the risk of being a victim of a cyber attack. Here’s what makes our course series different:

  • Multifamily-focused
  • Addresses the most current cyber threats and thinking on how to combat them
  • Employee and supervisor versions for on-site and corporate staff
  • Engaging content, including videos, interactive practice, and quizzes
  • Each course only takes 20 minutes to complete

Whether you currently have a cybersecurity solution or know you need one, learn more about how this new elective series can help keep your company’s data safe. Request a free demo to see the series in action.


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