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Grace Hill is grateful to our customers for their vocal support and new customer referrals.

Grace Hill has the very best customers. We are incredibly appreciative that you choose to do business with us.


To show our appreciation for your loyalty and vocal support, we are introducing a customer referral program that puts money in your pocket! The best courseware has a simple message, so we made this program really simple to understand and share, too: 


  1. Refer a new customer, receive $100 Visa gift card
  2. Refer a second new customer, receive $150 Visa gift card
  3. Refer a third new customer, receive $200 Visa gift card
  4. For every new customer you refer after the third new customer, you will receive a $250 Visa gift card 

It’s that simple: Refer a new client to Grace Hill and receive a $100 Visa gift card as a thank you gift. Refer more than one new customer, keep receiving more!


A new client is defined as a property management company not currently doing business with Grace Hill. Additionally, a customer who has done business with us in the past, but who is not currently doing business with us, also counts as a ‘new client’ for the terms of this program.


Contact your Account Manager for more information about terms and conditions and to participate in the program. Thank you for being a loyal Grace Hill customer.

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