Emerging Reputation Management Trends in 2022 Webinar - Grace Hill
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Emerging Reputation Management Trends in 2022 and What Multifamily Can Do to Stay Current

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Online reputation management has been a hot topic in multifamily—and also the world of marketing and PR for years. As the digital age continues to expand and evolve, so does the need for online reputation management.

Watch this on-demand recording of Grace Hill and invited guests Kristie Polito, Reputation Manager with Security Properties Residential, Dana Hill, Senior Director of Engagement, RangeWater and Grace Hill’s AJ Rao, VP of Product Development, to unpack the latest reputation management trends and areas of opportunity including:

  • The need for onsite staff to provide “extra mile” customer service
  • The importance of company culture and keeping employee morale elevated
  • Resident’s desires to continually feel heard and valued
  • Why adopting an ORM tool can help you monitor, manage and enhance your online reputation
  • How to optimize your reputation management strategy when short staffed


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