Why Can't I Live With My German Shepherd?

Download our guide for help responding to tough conversations about your assistance animal policy

assistance animalsMultifamily properties encounter a lot of tough conversations about their assistance animal policy. From dealing with tenants who resent not being allowed to have pets themselves to those requesting accommodations without proper documentation, property managers are often put in tricky positions. Download our guide to learn the best way to handle some of the most common conversations regarding assistance animals.


Download “Why Can’t I Live with My German Shepherd?” to learn:

  • How to explain — and what to avoid saying — to tenants who resent exceptions to your no-pet policy
  • What to do when a tenant requesting an accommodation for an assistance animal doesn’t supply necessary documentation within a reasonable timeframe
  • What you can ask for when you suspect the credibility of an online assistance animal certification
  • How to respond when a tenant doesn’t disclose their disability

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