Essential Property Manager's Guide

to Service, Assistance & Emotional Support Animals

Download our Guide to Understand FHA, Section 504, and ADA Laws

Knowing the difference between service animals, assistance animals, and emotional support animals can be tricky. The Fair Housing Act, Section 504, and the Americans with Disabilities Act all contain laws regarding these types of animals as it relates to rental housing. This guide will explain how these laws differ and how each applies to multifamily housing. Download the guide to learn about:


  • Terms and definitions for each type of animal
  • Accommodation requests
  • No-pet polices
  • Case studies with settlement outcomes
  • Verification practices
  • Recommended actions



Remember, violations of FHA, Section 504, or ADA can lead to hefty fines for a company as well as an individual. Be sure you know what to do and what not to do when it comes to assistance animals in your community. Download the guide now!

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