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Tie Training to Policies and Multiply Effectiveness

Link policies with training programs to drive success

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Did you know? Grace Hill has an integrated solution in Vision to help tie your current training into company policies — increasing the effectiveness of both! When paired with Vision, Grace Hill’s PolicyPartner helps further connect training with company policies every employee should know. Plus, you can depend on our experts to keep your policy and training content up to date and relevant!

Making this critical connection between Vision and PolicyPartner allows you to:

Assign Policies for Review

Collect Acknowledgements

Link Policies Inside Training Courses

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When connected with Vision, PolicyPartner makes it even easier to deliver industry-specific policies to all team members. Even by itself, PolicyPartner is an intuitive platform that is easy for admins to manage.

PolicyPartner’s admin platform can scale to any size company and deliver policies to employees on any device! 

PolicyPartner supports multifamily management by providing accurate and comprehensive policies and documents, allowing companies to:

  • Streamline policy administration and management.
  • Mitigate risk and reduce liability.
  • Improve employee and property performance.
Perry MacLennan, Attorney, Haynsworth, Sinkler Boyd, P.A.

“Grace Hill’s products allow housing providers to educate their staff and develop policies and procedures that comply with the law and will help reduce the organization’s exposure if a complaint is filed.”

- Perry MacLennan, Attorney, Haynsworth, Sinkler Boyd, P.A.

With a comprehensive library of nearly 800 pre-built policies across multiple subject areas, PolicyPartner can be customized to fit your unique business needs.
Download this guide to our Policy Manual Library and see what policies work best for your business!

policy partner manual library

Thank you for being a valued Grace Hill Vision customer. Contact us today to schedule your personalized demonstration of PolicyPartner, and see them together in action!

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