Compliance Refresher Courses:
Learner Assignment Instructions

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Compliance Refresher Course Automated Assignment Adjustment

1. Select your course launch date

Auto-assignment dates will run every Tuesday, now through November.

Note: If the due date needs to be adjusted once requested, you must reach out to Admin Support by the end of day Friday prior to your selected date.

2. Set your passing score

  • Log into your admin console.
  • Select Assignments and then Courses.
  • Click on the refresher course (i.e., fair housing, drug-free workplace).
  • Set your passing score and click Save.

3. Communicate to your learners

Click here for a message template that you can customize and email out.

4. Let Grace Hill do the work

  • * The recurrence settings of the compliance¬†course you have selected will be removed.
  • * A special assignment will be added for the course for all current associates as your launch date.
  • * New assignments will be created for the positions/locations/groups you had previously assigned to the course due each year.

5. Communicate Again

Click here for a message template that you can customize and email out.

Need Help?

If you need help or have questions about Automated Assignment Adjustments, please submit a support ticket, or call our support team at 844-204-9600 so that we can quickly assist you.

August 1 2018

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