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Industry Resources

Personal Services and Support Flyer

Grace Hill has three decades of industry experience working with multifamily and commercial real estate clients across the world, so we understand your specific needs. With Grace Hill, you’ll have a dedicated partner to improve performance, increase stakeholder satisfaction, and reduce risk across your organization.
Talk to a Grace Hill expert today to learn more about how we can assist with compliance and enhance your property’s performance.

Paws-itive Management: What You Need To ...

This ebook outlines the basic principles of reasonable accommodations for assistance animals under the FHA and Section 504 to help you comply with the law while ensuring everyone feels welcome in your community. Talk to a Grace Hill expert today to learn more about how we can assist with compliance and enhance your property’s performance.

Sexual Harassment: A Costly Problem for ...

Learn how to assess your organization’s policy and training program and help clarify common misconceptions about sexual harassment. In conjunction with sound legal advice, we recommend using this information as a foundation to strengthen your sexual harassment prevention program.

Onboarding Done Right: 8 Proven Elements...

Ready to create an onboarding experience that delivers results and enables employees to thrive. Talk to a Grace Hill expert today to learn how you can elevate your onboarding process today.
LGBTQ+ Protections Checklist

LGBTQ+ Protections Checklist – Ind...

When it comes to LGBTQ+ protections under the Fair Housing Act (FHA), it is crucial that your team understand key elements to help protect your company and your communities. Download our new checklist now to learn more about LGBTQ+ protections under the FHA.
Sexual Harassment Myths Infographic

Sexual Harassment Myths Infographic

Sexual harassment is a very serious and important issue, but unfortunately, there are many myths and misconceptions about what does and does not constitute harassment. Want to mitigate risk in your organization? Talk to us about our trusted sexual harassment policy and training programs.

KingsleySurveys Resident Surveys Flyer

For many multifamily apartment management companies, it has become increasingly difficult to gather resident feedback that matters. Go beyond basic satisfaction ratings and uncover the drivers that make a difference in your overall customer experience.
KingsleySurveys EMPLOYEE Survey Sell Sheet_thumbnail

KingsleySurveys Employee Surveys Flyer

Disengaged employees cost organizations another $300 million each year. The first step to combatting turnover is to create an environment where your team can share their feedback and trust that management will take action.

Cybersecurity for Office Workers –...

Cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility, and by working together, we can help make the internet a safer place for everyone. Grace Hill powerful suite of solutions has comprehensive training and policy resources that support multifamily companies to strengthen your cybersecurity.

The Power of People: Unlocking Your Comp...

Ready to learn more about training, policy, and assessment solutions that can maximize the value of your talent investment and improve your bottom line? Talk to a Grace Hill expert today!

Employee Dissatisfaction: 3 Common Culpr...

While challenges exist, quality solutions are within reach. By pairing best-in-class training developed by industry experts with mystery shopping and comprehensive, industry-specific policy manuals, you create a talent performance loop that leads to continuous improvement. Most importantly, you don’t have to walk this road alone; Grace Hill can be your partner in success.
Grace Hill Fair Housing Discrimination Complaint Ebook

Fair Housing Complaint Ebook

What would you do if your company was faced with a discrimination complaint? HUD investigations can be both time-consuming and costly for multifamily housing providers. Don’t get caught in the dark! Knowing how the investigation process works and how you can respond appropriately helps reduce your risk of incurring the potentially hefty sanctions HUD can impose. Get this free ebook that walks you through the HUD enforcement process step by step!
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