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Industry Resources

Sexual Harassment Policy Checklist

Sexual harassment claims represent a major liability for organizations, especially in the multifamily industry. The best way to reduce your risk is to provide a comprehensive policy and training program. Although it’s impossible to completely control the actions of others, setting clear expectations for appropriate behavior can significantly reduce the risk of sexual harassment in your organization.
Top 10 Fair Housing Mistakes - Infographic

Top 10 Fair Housing Mistakes – Infogra...

The Fair Housing landscape is constantly changing, and violations can have harsh consequences. Without proper Fair Housing policies and training, your team will face costly legal and financial burdens. While April is Fair Housing Month, year-round training and policy updates are essential to ensure both new and experienced associates are equipped with the tools to stay compliant. These are the most common Fair Housing mistakes that can have costly consequences for your organization.
ebook 4 Fair Housing Essentials to Stay Compliant in 2023 thumbnail

4 Fair Housing Essentials To Stay Compli...

The apartment industry has never seen a hiring challenge like it’s facing right now. Companies of all sizes and in every market are bringing on new associates at a record pace. These new employees often come from industries outside of property management and have little to no understanding of Fair Housing and its crucial implications.
Top 10 Familial Mistakes Infographic Multifamily

Top 10 Familial Discrimination Mistakes

Equip your team with the latest Fair Housing and familial discrimination information they need to stay compliant and mitigate risk in your organization.
Grace Hill Women in Multifamily eBook Mockup front cover

Celebrating Amazing Women Leaders Who Em...

In recognition of International Women’s Day, we celebrate the dedication, determination, and accomplishments of women in the multifamily real estate industry, both past and present. We stand for equity and the empowerment of women to lead this industry. We believe rental housing is better because of extraordinary women.

Gain Critical Insights, Save Critical Ti...

Executing a successful tenant or resident survey involves more than just knowing the right questions to ask. Learn more about KingsleySurveys intuitive dashboards, benchmarks, and robust reports that identify performance gaps and highlight your competitive advantages.
commercial real estate ESG front page city mockup

Commercial Real Estate: ESG Back to Basi...

There’s no avoiding the incoming Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) wave. Demands for greater ESG disclosures and action are rising globally, especially in the United States and Europe. Real estate managers need to take ESG seriously and adopt best practices to keep their portfolios competitive. Contact our CRE experts to discuss how KingsleySurveys can support your ESG strategy.
5 Mistakes in Training mockup front cover ebook

5 Ways to Transform Training from Averag...

An advanced technology-enabled solution backed by sound scientific learning research is essential to your success. Talk to a Grace Hill LMS expert today to see how you can elevate your employee training program.

KingsleySurveys Text/SMS Delivery

Text/SMS is one of the most reliable forms of communication and widely preferred by young adults as a safe and effective quick response method. By adding Text/SMS delivery to your KingsleySurveys package, you will see a higher response rate and more comprehensive, actionable insights for your team!
Customer Service Grace Hill Infographic Mockup

Customer Service is Dead – Infographic

Advances in technology make it easier to do everything online. But some are now worried about the standard of customer service. It had us asking: Is customer service dead in 2023? Grace Hill helps multifamily managers train and test onsite team performance, improving customer service and online reputation. Learn how Grace Hill can partner with you to ensure you lead the industry in customer satisfaction.

5 Common Mistakes in Multifamily Sales &...

It’s time to get back to the basics. As you look closely at your sales and marketing efforts to determine where improvement is needed, let Grace Hill become a partner in your success to help maximize your efforts.
Visto brochure for property management credentials

Visto Brochure

Visto is the ideal solution to help attract and keep top talent in your company. Invest in your employee's career with continuing education that's powerful and affordable.
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