Commercial Solutions

Investors choose their specialties based on knowledge, experience and risk profiles. At Grace Hill, we know that portfolios can be all multifamily or all industrial – or combinations of all investment vehicles.

That’s why we are able to offer our clients solutions that go across multiple asset types in order to help you increase your profitability while mitigating risk.

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Our solutions for the commercial space include:

Research / Benchmarking

Grace Hill’s KingsleySurveys provides investors, owners and managers of commercial real estate assets in-depth insights into the competitive strengths and weaknesses of their properties and portfolios. By utilizing comprehensive data and benchmarking metrics, stakeholders can understand and act on tenant issues and proactively position assets, ultimately yielding higher returns while mitigating portfolio risk.

  • Tenant satisfaction surveys
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Client perception surveys
  • Investor perception surveys
  • Broker perception surveys
  • Portfolio performance scorecards
  • REIT compliance surveys
  • Operational benchmarking
  • Fund structuring and fee benchmarking
  • Organizational structuring

Policies and Procedures

PolicyPartner for Commercial is a software solution delivering a library of policies and procedures built specifically for real estate companies. Leverage our content to enhance and deploy your organization’s specific rules and methodologies.

Learning Management Systems

Grace Hill will be bringing to market a new learning management system specifically for the commercial market. It will combine best-in-class professional skills training courseware with an easy-to-use and easy to administer solution in one powerful, customizable platform. Onboard your team faster and more efficiently and nurture and retain top talent with the right training at the right time.


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