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KingsleySurveys Employee Program

Keep your finger on the pulse of satisfaction. Drive engagement, happiness, and success to increase productivity and retain employees longer.

Why Employee Surveys?

Employee turnover and retention affect the operational performance of every CRE organization. To create an optimal work environment where employees feel challenged, valued, and productive, it's important to understand what's working and what's not so you can make necessary changes to improve retention rates and protect your bottom line.

Survey Screen
Employee Engagement

Better insights. Better employee engagement.

KingsleySurveys offers Employee Surveys, developed to help companies achieve higher levels of employee engagement that lead to greater productivity, loyalty, and longer employee tenure. They do this by measuring:

    • Perceptions of vision and leadership.
    • Career path potential. Effectiveness of available training, tools, and resources.
    • And more!

Results are compared to proprietary KingsleyIndex™ benchmarks, providing actionable insights to create the environment most conducive to employee engagement, happiness, and success.

Who benefits?

  • Owner/Operator
  • REITs
  • Property and Facilities Management providers
Who Benefits

Customizable to your interests.

Typically, surveys are deployed either annually or every other year to all employees. The survey has 12 standard engagement questions with the option to customize additional questions based on your business needs and interests.

Customize Interests

Find out how to get the employee insights you need to drive retention, engagement, and a better bottom line.

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