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PolicyPartner helps Commercial Real Estate (CRE) owners and operators effectively create, manage, and distribute up-to-date policies and procedures to strengthen performance, improve compliance, and reduce risk liability. 

With the continued momentum of return to work, tenants are more concerned about the health and safety of their employees, and are therefore looking for a safe and sound workplace arrangement. Are you and your portfolio prepared?

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PolicyPartner is designed to help CRE property owners and operators:

  • Comply with industry and legal standards
  • Set clear company expectations
  • Ensure that employees are properly trained and updated
  • Maintain organizational culture and performance needs
  • Improve their properties’ GRESB scores
  • Effectively pivot in response to unforeseen circumstances
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Built by CRE Subject-Matter Experts

The PolicyPartner Program features:

  • Scalable, time-saving technology in a Cloud-based platform accessible (and editable) from any device
  • Detailed compliance versioning and history back-up
  • A robust search engine with Google translation
  • Admin support provided through our toll-free support number
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The Power of Grace Hill PolicyPartner

Return-to-office workplace policies are being revisited, revised and introduced to employees as we continue to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic. Never has this been more crucial for office operations as new challenges are emerging. Challenges range from a lack of internal expertise to write and maintain policies and procedures to limited access to industry-standard policies, and also an inability to tailor policies to culture and company-specific processes.

The Ideal Program for Today’s Modern Office

Realize the benefits and ROI of using PolicyPartner which
are broad and include:

• Mitigates the risk and rising costs associated with outdated or
a non-existent commercial policy management solution.
• Helps to prevent an increasing number of fines from
compliance penalties and high legal costs associated with litigation.
• Shrinks the number of insurance claims resulting in
rising insurance premiums.
• Eliminates the high cost of managing policies
and procedures manually.

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